YEMEN Press Agency

Riyadh expels “Hadi government” from hotels to modest apartments

SANAA, July 10 (YPA) – Local media outlets loyal to Saudi-led coalition revealed on Thursday that Saudi Arabia has rented cheap apartments in a modest building for residence of officials and ministers of Hadi’s government, after expelling them from the hotels.

“We congratulate the officials and members of the Diaspora government on the new buildings in Riyadh that were allocated for them after they were taken out of the hotels,” Ali al-Nassi, a pro-coalition southern journalist, said in a tweet on Twitter on Thursday.

Al-Nassi added sarcastically, “it is modest housing, but does the job.”

Local media circulated an official document stating that the Saudi authorities on May 14 stopped providing nutrition to ministers and officials of Hadi government and gave them a deadline until the end of this month to leave hotels and apartments rented at the expense of the Saudi government.