YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition airstrikes causes great damage to water projects in Hajjah

HAJJAH, July 9 (YPA) – General Director of the Water Corporation in Hajjah province Ameen Mughalis on Thursday confirmed that the province’s water infrastructure has been subjected to systematic destruction over five years by Saudi-led coalition.

Mughalis said in a press statement that the aerial bombardment on the city of Hajjah destroyed a water tank of 150-cubic meter capacity with its attachments in Dhafar area and destroyed the electricity transformers of the well in Kubri Sharas area.

He indicated that the coalition warplanes destroyed headquarters of the Corporation branch, tower tanks, warehouses and all components of the water project in Haradh district.

The coalition fighter jets’ direct bombing also led to the destruction of water projects in Abs district, including two main liquefaction tanks with capacities of 500 cubic meters and 400 cubic meters, as well as the destruction of the headquarters of the Corporation branch and its stores and facilities with all their contents, according to Mughalis.

He said that the coalition bombing has caused material damage to the water services, estimated at $362,000 in Hajjah city, $ 1.2 million dollars in Haradh city, and $525,000 dollars in Abs city, indicating that these losses only include the value of what was destroyed according to the estimates of the technical committee.

Mughalis touched on the Water Corporation’s suffering due to the blockade imposed by the coalition, which caused scarcity of capabilities to run water projects, especially with the increasing population density in the cities due to the wave of displacement to escape the coalition bombing.