YEMEN Press Agency

Hajjah tribes denounce coalition’s arbitrary action against oil ships

HAJJAH, July 4 (YPA) – A protest rally was staged by sheikhs and tribes of Hajjah province on Friday to denounce the arbitrary action continued by the Saudi-led aggression coalition to detain oil ships.

At the rally, the participants condemned the crimes committed by the coalition mercenaries against Al-Subayan family in Marib province.

They explained affirmed seizing oil derivatives ships” is one of crimes and plans being carried out by the aggression to target the Yemeni people for more than five years.”

The protesters held the United Nations full responsible any humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the siege imposed by the aggression on Yemen.

The rally reiterated its condemnation towards the international community’s silence regarding the aggression crimes against Yemen, calling to pressure the aggression coalition to release oil ships and condemn its horrific massacre.