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Red Sea Ports Corporation denounces Griffiths statements on Petroleum derivatives

HODEIDAH, June 30 (YPA) – The Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation strongly condemned what was stated in the statements of the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, in which he called on the local parties to allow oil derivative ships to reach the port of Hodeidah.

The Corporation clarified that Martin Griffiths statements are fully commensurate with the statements of the spokesperson of the aggression, as he seeks to cover up the crimes of the ongoing aggression countries, and tries to hold the local authority and the administration of the institution and the port responsible for the blockade while they are controlling the sea, holding ships and putting pressure on the Yemeni people by the economic war.

In a statement, the Corporation expressed its surprise and regret for such misleading and hollow statements, especially that it comes from the UN envoy who knows well that whoever prevents entry to ships is freely and the battleships of aggression and that the port of Hodeidah is in compliance with the International System for Ports Security (ISPS).

The statement pointed out that the institution provides all facilities and the port is open to any incoming ships and is fully prepared to receive cargo and goods of any type and size around the clock despite all the challenges imposed by the aggression forces and their tails.

The statement held the forces of aggression and the United Nations responsible for the crime of seizing ships in the waters of the Red Sea and preventing their access to the ports of Hodeidah, asserting that the United Nations is its hallmark in all crimes committed against the Yemenis for more than half a decade.

The statement called on the international community and the Security Council to take urgent action to lift the blockade and stop the piracy of ships in the Red Sea waters by the aggression, and to allow ships that have been granted the necessary permits from the Office of Protection and Inspection in the port of Djibouti to access the ports of Hodeidah.

The statement appealed to the world’s free and international and human rights organizations to stand with the Yemeni people and victory for its injustice, reject these unfair measures and stop them and denounce the policy of prostitution and arrogance practiced against it.