YEMEN Press Agency

Clashes break out again in Abyan

ABYAN, June 30 (YPA) – Fighting between the UAE-backed Southern transitional council (STC’s militias and Hadi forces broke out again in Abyan on Tuesday morning, in a sign of the failure of the truce agreement on the ground,  local sources said.

According to the sources, the two sides of the conflict exchanged artillery and rocket fire along the battle fronts in Wadi Sala, which separates the STC stronghold of Zinjibar from Hadi forces in Shuqrah coastal city.

The valley is of strategic importance to the STC militias because of it is overlooking of Hadi’s last stronghold in Shauqrah.

In the context, the STC militias carried out an ambush targeting a military column of Hadi in the Lahmar area east of Abyan.

The so-called “Southern Resistance” factions said the ambush targeted four military vehicles and a tank belonging to Islah militants , as they were heading to  the city of Shuqrah.

The ambush left several dead and wounded, in addition to destroying two military vehicles.

The renewed fighting between the two sides of the conflict comes following Saudi Arabia’s failure to unite the two sides.