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Islah is making big preparations in Taiz, Shabwa to storm Aden: Activists

SANAA, June 25 (YPA) – Southern activists and journalists have spoken of a military plan being prepared by the Islah party in Shabwa province recently.

The activists published pictures of armed groups while training in Shabwa under the command of the so-called “Ataq axis” to enhance the advance of Islah forces towards Aden.

According to some activists, these groups receive direct support from Qatar and Turkey through the former transport minister in Hadi’s government Saleh al-Jabwani.

While the official version confirmed that these forces bear the name of “Martyr Salem Qatan” battalion, and are considered as auxiliary forces of the Islah militants to end what it described as the rebellion of the UAE-backed militia in Aden.

In the same context, well-informed sources revealed that the Islah Party had recruited thousands of young people from Taiz province, southwest Yemen, to push them into the battles of Abyan and Aden, with Qatari and Turkish funding.