YEMEN Press Agency

Hezbollah released video footage showing highly advanced missile capacity

SANAA, June 22 (YPA) – Hezbollah resistance movement has released a video showing that its precision-guided missiles can hit targets anywhere in Israel.

The video, circulated on social media on Sunday, showed the coordinates of Israeli strategic positions that are within the range of Hezbollah missiles, with remarks of Hezbollah chief Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah playing in the background.

“Today, we can not just target the city of Tel Aviv but also, if God wills it and with His help, we can hit very precise targets within Tel Aviv and anywhere else in occupied Palestine,” Nasrallah can be heard as saying.

The video concluded with the statement: “Whatever you do to block the way — it’s already over and done with.”

Hezbollah was established following the 1982 Israeli invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon.

Since then, the movement has grown into a powerful military force, dealing repeated blows to the Israeli military. Hezbollah defeated the Zionists in the year 2000, driving them from Lebanon completely, as well as in the 2006 war.