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Young man dies due to torture in STC’s jail in Aden

ADEN, June 14 (YPA) –  A young man was killed as a result of excessive torture in a detention facility belonging to the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council Militia in the southern port city of Aden, local sources said on Sunday.

According to local sources, Hussein Marwan Aidroo, the son of the head of public relations of the Yemeni Petroleum company, Aden Branch, Marwan Eidros, died yesterday as a result of being subjected to various types of torture in the criminal investigation center, which is under control of The STC militias in the Khor Makser district.

The sources added that the death of Hussein Marwan, came 12 days after he was kidnapped.

The young man was accused of burning tires, during protests demanding water and electricity services, one of the sources said

The sources said that transitional militias told the young man’s mother, who did not know the fate of her son throughout his abduction, that he would be released.

The sources pointed out that the family was surprised to receive a dead body, with traces of assault and torture on his body, while it was not clear why the young Hussein Aidroos was kidnapped.

Hundreds of prisoners and detainees in secret transitional prisons and detention facilities are subjected to various forms of torture.