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Southern politician: Al-Qaiti’s murdering a beginning to the return of the series of assassinations

ADEN, June 3 (YPA) – Southern leader Yasser Al-Yamani accused the forces of the so-called Presidential Guards and al-Islah militias of the liquidation of photographer and journalist Nabil al-Qaiti, in Abyan province, southern Yemen.

Yasser Al-Yamani, former leader of the Popular People’s Congress party, confirmed in a series of tweets on Tuesday that al-Qaiti was not assassinated in front of his home in Dar Saad district of Aden province as promoted.

Al-Yamani said al-Qaiti’s assassination in Aden is intended to cover up the crimes of the liquidation of honorable people from southern provinces.

Accrding to al-Yamani, Al-Qaiti was killed in The Sheikh Salem area of the City of Zinjibar, the center of Abyan province, with a shell of the so-called Presidential Guard and al-Islah militias, al-Yamani said.

The injuries shown at the victim’s hands confirmed the information he received that he had not been shot dead, but that he had been hit with several shrapnel of a shell that caused several wounds to the head, chest, hand and foot, Al-Yamani added.

He revealed that al-Qaiti’s body was transported from Abyan province to Aden by ambulance under tight security.

Al-Yamani said al-Qaiti’s assassination is a prelude to the return of the series of assassinations of mercenaries in the southern provinces.