YEMEN Press Agency

Islah Party reinforces its military fronts in Abyan

ABYAN, May 21 (YPA) – Islah Partyon Wednesday pushed military reinforcements towards the battle fronts in Abyan province, southern Yemen.


Local sources in the province said that the Islah sent huge military reinforcements from Shabwa province, after a fragile truce that did not exceed two days with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias on Abyan fronts.


The Islah military reinforcements reached the coastal city of Shoqra, in which the STC’s militias had made remarkable progress towards Qarn al-Classi camp controlled by Islah militants, the sources added.


The Islah militants suffered heavy losses during the confrontations that erupted last week, including the capture of commander of the so-called “115th Infantry Brigade” Saif al-Qafish by the STC’s militia.


Saudi Arabia is trying to save the “Islah Party” from the military dilemma in which it involved, by summoning President of the STC Aidarous al-Zubaidi from the UAE capital Abu Dhabi to stop the confrontations and return to the implementation of “Riyadh Agreement”, which was signed in early November 2019 between the STC and Hadi government.