YEMEN Press Agency

Military commander from Hadi forces returns to capital Sanaa

SANAA, May 19 (YPA) – Captain Ali Abdullah Saleh al-Sabri, commander of guarding of the so-called “Al-Bayda Axis” loyal to Saudi-led coalition, returned on Monday to the capital Sanaa with his military gear, benefiting from the amnesty decision.

He was received by Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Mohammed Nasser al-Bukhaiti and a number of officers, sheikhs and social figures.

Deputy Speaker of the Shura welcomed the returnee al-Sabri, who left the coalition camp on Qaniyah front in Bayda, affirming that he made the right decision before it was too late.

Al-Bukhaiti called on the rest of the misled people, who are still in the coalition camps, to take advantage of the general amnesty decision and return to the homeland.