YEMEN Press Agency

Abyan lives in complete darkness due to coalition factions’ clashes

ABYAN, May 15 (YPA) – The people of Abyan province, southern Yemen, live in complete darkness and severe suffering with high temperatures, as a result of the power outage for five days, due to the ongoing clashes between Saudi-led coalition factions in the districts of Zinjbar and Shoqra.

Local sources in Abyan reported on Thursday that a number of districts in the province have been without electricity for days, while the military build-up and confrontations between the so-called “Hadi forces” and the “Southern Transitional Council” militia continue.

“The districts of Laudar, Mudiya, al-Wadea and Mokiras are living in darkness for the fifth day, as a result of the refusal to allow diesel access to the province from Aden,” the sources added.

The ongoing clashes since Monday between Hadi’s forces backed by Islah Party (Brotherhood)’s militants and the transitional council’s militants come at a time when the Corona virus (COVID-19) is sweeping Aden and the southern provinces.