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Young man killed in one of Islah prisons in Taiz

TAIZ, May 13 (YPA) – One of arrested citizens, from those who opposes Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood)’s policy in Taiz province, was found killed inside one of the party prisons in the city on Tuesday.

Ayman al-Wahbani was found dead in one of the prisons of the so-called Taiz military axis belonging to the Islah party militias in Saba School, located in al-Masbah neighborhood of al-Mudhafar district, which has been taken as the axis headquarters since 2015, according to human rights sources in the city.

The sources referred that al-Wahabani was arrested by the militia of “Taiz axis” 20 days ago.

The sources called on all human rights organizations in Taiz to conduct an independent investigation into the crime to uncover its circumstances and prosecute the perpetrators.