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Saudi Arabia ends controversy over fate of south

SANAA, April 27 (YPA) – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has directed a new blow, the first of its kind, to Chief of the so-called general staff of Hadi forces Sagheer bin Aziz and to Tariq Affash, leader of the so-called national resistance in the West Coast, after they celebrated with their armed elements the bold steps taken by the Southern Transitional Council to install the secession of the south.

That blow represented by the announcement of Saudi-led coalition that the situation in the occupied Aden province should be restored to its previous state after the declaration of a state of emergency by the Transitional Council through its recent statement and the resulting developments of events in Aden and the southern provinces of the Republic of Yemen .

The coalition confirmed in a statement the abolition of any step that violates the Riyadh agreement and working to accelerate its implementation.

In its statement, the coalition announced its continued support for what it called “legitimacy” and the implementation of Riyadh agreement, including the formation of a government of political competencies exercising its work from (Aden).according to the text of the agreement.

The coalition statement was shocking for the transitional council, the UAE, bin Aziz and Tariq Afash, who sent a number of his battalions on the west coast to support the project of the south secession from the north of the homeland, after his elements celebrated by raising the secession flags in the various facilities and camps in the west coast.