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Tehran rejects Saudi claims regarding presence of Iranian experts in Yemen

SANAA, April 2 (YPA) –  The Iranian Foreign Ministry, through its spokesman, issued a statement refuting Saudi-led coalition’s claims of “the presence of Iranian experts in Yemen.

Foreign ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi denounced the coalition spokesman’s accusations about that Iranian experts are present in Yemen.

He rejected the groundless allegations raised by the spokesperson for the coalition of military aggressors which have attacked Yemen.

“Under a delusion of achieving victory within a couple of weeks, Saudi Arabia launched military aggression against Yemen, and now after five years, it is still grappling with such miscalculation, while this act of aggression has brought about nothing but devastation and killing of Yemeni people,” the statement read.

He continued: “We advise the coalition of aggressors against Yemen to take into account the realities on the ground, including the Yemeni people’s resistance to such acts of aggression and the international community’s hatred for Saudi Arabia, instead of delusions and reveries.”

He concluded by saying, being aware of playing with words, pinning the blame on others, and making accusation against the others will not make up for their political and military failures.