YEMEN Press Agency

Dhamar tribes mobilize to support combat fronts

DHAMAR, March 26 (YPA) – A tribal meeting was staged on Thursday by tribes and sheikhs of Otomah district of Dhamar to back the Yemeni army with food convoy ad fighters for confronting the Saudi-led aggression coalition in the combat fronts.

The tribes, during the rally, stressed on the importance of enhancing the intern front and marking the fifth anniversary of steadfastness to confront the aggression and its plots that target the Yemeni people.

The participants praised the great triumphs and by the Yemeni army and popular forces against the aggression coalition and its mercenaries in Jawf and Marib.

They affirmed that the rally came coinciding with marking of the martyred leader Hussein al-Houthi and the fifth anniversary of steadfastness.