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15 people killed in clashes in northern Afghanistan

SANAA, March 26 (YPA) – Afghan authorities said on Thursday that at least five officers and ten Taliban militants were killed during clashes in two provinces of Afghanistan on Wednesday evening.
Xinhua quoted the head of the Kunduz Provincial Council in northern Afghanistan, Muhammad Yusef Ayoub, as saying: Five officers were killed, three others wounded and six missing after an attack by Taliban militants on a security checkpoint in the municipality of Nowabad in Imam Sahib.

The official added that many militants were also killed and injured during the hours of clashes in the northern part of the province.

Taliban militants stormed several locations of the security forces in Doltyar area of ​​Ghor Province, in the western part of the country, but the security forces responded to the attack, killing ten Taliban militants and wounding others, according to a Dhafir Corps 207 statement.

“Among the dead, Qari Rauf, the Taliban shadow governor for Lal Wa Sargangal district, Ghor district,” the statement said.