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US Senate allocates 2 trillion dollars to confront Corona virus

SANAA, March 26 (YPA) – US Senate unanimously on Wednesday approved two trillion dollars bill to counter the Corona virus.
The bill aims to help unemployed workers and industries affected by the Corona Virus pandemic, as well as save billions of dollars in purchasing much needed medical equipment.

The Senate sent the bill to the House of Representatives, who could vote on it this week.

A toll released by Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday showed that the number of deaths caused by the new corona virus in the United States reached 1031, while the number of those who have been laboratory tested in the epidemic in this country reached 68 thousand and 572 people.

There is no doubt that the true number of people living with Corona virus in the United States is greater than the declared result, and the reason for this is that not all people with the disease undergo a laboratory examination to prove their infection, and therefore the recorded death toll may in turn be below the actual outcome.

The United States has a population of 327 million, and a report transmitted to Congress this month warned that the virus could eventually infect between 70 and 150 million of them.