YEMEN Press Agency

Mahrah announces new stage of armed struggle against Saudi occupation

MAHRAH, March 11 (YPA) – Sheikh Ali al-Harizi, top leader of the popular resistance in Mahrah province, said on Tuesday that the peaceful movement  has moved to the stage of armed conflict against Saudi Arabia after raids by Saudi Apache helicopters.

Al-Harizi confirmed in an interview with “YemenNet” that the sons of Mahrah are at war with the Saudi occupation forces, which he described after violating the sovereignty of Yemen and usurping ports, airport, port and camps.

He pointed out that the peaceful movement and legal demands did not understand, which forced them to enter the stage of armed conflict after storming the border port and bombing citizens defending their land and the sovereignty of their country with Saudi Apache helicopters.

On February 17, Saudi Apache helicopters bombed a peaceful gathering of the sons of al-Mahrah near Port of Nishtun, while intercepting Saudi armoured vehicles that were on their way to storm a border port.