YEMEN Press Agency

Islah leaders flee Marib and carry billions of riyals

MARIB, March 4 (YPA) – Partisan and military leaders in Islah Party had fled, amid tribal demands that the coalition forces leave the province, local sources in Marib city revealed on Wednesday.

The sources confirmed that the political and military leaders of the Islah party had fled, with their families, to the city of Sayoun in Hadramawt Governorate, which is controlled by Islah militants.

The sources added that the leaders of the “Islah Party” were evacuating their homes and packing their belongings since the beginning of this March.

Other sources pointed out that the “Islah Party” worked to empty the central bank in Marib, on Monday, and transferred nearly 20 million dollars, 50 million Saudi riyals, and 30 billion Yemeni riyals to the city of Sayun

The sources indicated that the leader, Muhammad Salem bin Abboud, was the one who supervised the transfer of funds amid tight military escorts.