YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni riyal continues to fall in southern provinces, amid warnings of causing famine

SANAA, Feb. 17 (YPA) – The Yemeni riyal on Monday continued its sharp decline in financial markets in the southern provinces to reach 665 riyals per dollar in the occupied Aden province.

This comes in light of the inability of the so-called “legitimate government” to stop this accelerating deterioration of the riyal exchange rate, and amid international organizations’ warning that that may cause a famine.

In Hadramout province, the Yemeni riyal exchange rate reached 660 riyals per dollar, while it continued to stabilize in the capital Sanaa at 598 riyals per dollar.

As for the average dollar price on the black market, it reached 600 riyals, while the exchange rate of one dollar in the Central Bank in Sanaa remained at 250 riyals per dollar, and it is still stable at 440 riyals in other Yemeni banks in the capital Sanaa.

The World Food Program of the United Nations has warned of the repercussions of the decline of the Yemeni riyal exchange rate against foreign currencies on the lives of citizens, pointing out that this decline caused a spate of food costs.