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Dozens of civilians killed, wounded in Saudi-led airstrikes on Jawf

JAWF, Feb. 15 (YPA) – Dozens of civilians were killed and wounded when Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched eight airstrikes targeting areas near the wreckage of Tornado warplane that was shot down in Maslub district of Jawf province, a security official said on Saturday.

According to the official, the coalition waged eight airstrikes targeting site of Tornado warplane’s wreckage where the aircraft was down.

The intensive flying  of the aircraft of aggression prevents the recovery of the bodies of the martyrs and the aid the wounded,  The Ministry of Health spokesman said

He added: the  aggression air forces  targeted citizens at the scene of the crash of the enemy plane and in their homes in Maslub district

He confirmed that dozens of civilians were killed   and wounded, including women and children, in a new crime committed by Saudi-led coalition in Jawf province.