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Senior leader in Hadi’s government escapes kidnapping attempt in Mahrah

MAHRAH, Feb. 14 (YPA) – In light of the conflicts between Saudi-led coalition factions, a prominent leader in Hadi’s official was subjected to a kidnapping attempt, during his visit to Mahrah province.

Local sources in the city of al-Ghaydhah, capital of Mahrah province, in eastern Yemen, said that gunmen intercepted the car of “Hadi government” spokesman Mokhtar Al-Rahabi as he left the province On Thursday, after a three-day visit.

The sources said that al-Rahabi’s visit provoked the ire of the leadership of Mahrah province, represented by Saudi-backed governor Rajeh Bakrit, after information reached the latter, that Al-Rahabi had come to the province for the purpose of inciting against him.

Rajeh Bakrit’s office quickly issued a statement denying his connection to the kidnapping attempt, which al-Rahabi escaped in his car, but the kidnappers’ cars were unable to catch him.

The Islah party media launched a stinging attack against Bakrit, calling him a drug dealer who holds the position of “governor” in the Hadi government.