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Islah militisa attack populated villages in Shibam Hadhramaut

HADHRAMOUT, Jan. 21 (YPA) – Forces from the “First Military Zone”,  Al-Islah Party Military Wing led by Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar shelled populated villages in Wadi Hadramaut on Monday evening, local sources said

According to the Sources,  an entire family was killed under the rubble of a house targeted by al-Islah militias, as well as a child and a woman, in different parts of the Sar area.

Witnesses said military forces shelled the villages, the residents of Shibam Hadhramaut and massacred the them.

The eyewitnesses added: “The first military zone of Ali Mohsen is committing a massacre against the tribes of Beni Murra in the Ser al-Qatn area in Hadhramaut Valley, where civilians are facing an unjust war.”

They confirmed that the shelling destroyed the homes of the residents and killed an entire family as a result of the shells falling on their house.

Activists circulated on social media images showing shelling of villages of the Ser al-Qatn area.

The shelling came two hours after gunmen assassination attempts targeting the chief of staff of the first military region, Abu Awaj, who survived the incident, while Colonel Abdulaziz al-Sufi and five recruits were killed in the ambush.