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Residents of southern provinces warn of return bloody events of January 13th

SANAA, Jan. 13 (YPA) – On this day, the people of Yemen’s southern provinces recalled the bloody events of January 13, 1986, amid the resurgence of the phenomenon of regionalism, once again in the service of the occupation agenda.
Despite all attempts to forget the wounds of the past, the forces of the occupation have re-established regional conflict between the country’s people.
The recent period, especially since Hadi forces have been expelled from Aden last August, recorded an unprecedented increase in regional dealings, drawing a painting in which the same scenario is repeated 13 January 86 between the sons of the occupied provinces, Dhalea and Yafei, against Abyan and Shabwah.
Observers say that the growing strength of the sons of Dhalea and Yafei, who lead the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, has led many of young people to re-trench behind regional banners in self-defense.
According to a number of the sons of the occupied provinces, the regional tone practiced by the sons of Dheal and Yafei, is no longer limited to the sons of the northern provinces, in an effort to separate what is being sought by the “transitional”, but that the plan goes beyond that in many stages, in which the transitional seeks to force the sons of the provinces Occupied, to create isolated identities, in service to the agenda of the Saudi-Emirati occupier.
A number of activists note that, despite the “STC” claiming to represent the southern cause, its actions do not help to give him confidence in the representation of the people of the southern provinces.

While others explain the reasons for the expansion and dominance of the “transitional” to external factors represented by the generous support provided by the Emiratis.
Many others believe that the absence of other inclusive projects, also contributed to the promotion of the Southern Transitional Council, where it notes that the Reform Party, is struggling for goals limited to serving the Muslim Brotherhood Group, not for the interests of southerners or Yemen.