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UAE-backed militias storm Socotra airport, smuggle 33 people

SOCOTRA, Dec. 16 (YPA) – The So-called Socotra governor in the Saudi-led coalition-backed government accused the UAE occupation forces of taking the humanitarian cover to spread chaos through its armed militias on the island.

A memorandum issued by the governor of Hadi revealed that Emirati officers had forcibly stormed Socotra airport and smuggled wanted security personnel on charges of disturbing security and entering without an official visa.

According to the memorandum, the raid and smuggling came despite the fact that the securing of the airport is handled by Saudi forces and a force of the 1st Marine Brigade. A directive issued by the authority to prevent any intrusion and apply the law.

Local sources confirmed that Emirati officers, backed by members of their militias, stormed Socotra airport on Sunday morning and traveled without going through the security measures stipulated by Yemeni laws in force.

The UAE officers smuggled a number of their collaborators who were banned from traveling by Hadi’s authorities on the island on suspicion of security issues to Abu Dhabi.

The sources noted that the raid was carried out with the complicity of Saudi forces who secure the airport.

The UAE officers boarded the UAE plane without going through the legal procedures imposed by the Socotra airport authorities.