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political parties bloc condemns massacre of Hajjah’s wedding

SANAA, April 24 (YPA) – The political parties bloc condemned the massacre of the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes which targeted a wedding ceremony in Al-Raqqa district of Bani Qais in Hajjah province, according to a statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency.

The continuation of coalition in the commission of the crimes which bombed wedding parties, including houses of citizens, markets and gatherings, confirms the intention of coalition to exterminate the Yemeni people as a collective punishment reflects the extent of hatred and desire for revenge against the Yemeni people who rejected its plans, agenda and conspiracies, read the statement.


The statement pointed out that the coalition’s crimes reflect the confusion state and failure pass by the coalition forces after more than three years of killing, destruction and siege that have gone beyond the violation of international humanitarian law.

The bloc called on all liberals, the world community, and local and international organizations to monitor and document these ongoing brutal crimes against the Yemeni people, and expose the brutality of the aggression coalition to international public and bring them to international courts.

The statement reiterated that theYemeni people’s ability to stand firm and steadfast against the coalition war is to provide the fronts with money and men.

Sameera Hassn