YEMEN Press Agency

8 Saudi soldiers sniped, vehicles destroyed in border front lines

SANAA, April 24 (YPA) – The Saudi army was inflicted heavy casualties on Tuesday by the Yemeni army during the fighting on the border fronts, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

In border Saudi province of Najran, six of Saudi soldiers were shot dead by the sniper units of the army in Eshah site.

Also in Najran, artillery force of the army targeted Qiada hill, Jamarik and Boqea desert in front of Khadhraa crossing, as well as gathering of Saudi-backed militias were shelled in Alib sites.

In Jizan front, sniper units of the army shot dead two Saudi soldier in Faridhah site.

Furthermore, the army destroyed a Saudi military vehicle in Khuba by a guided missile, while artillery shelling targeted gatherings of Saudi soldiers in Sala mount, Samnah site and Mostahdath.

In Asir border province, the army targeted a Saudi military bulldozer with a guided missile and a Saudi-backed militias was killed in front of Alab crossing.

Also in Asir, the artillery and missile forces of the army launched a bombardment on Saudi soldiers’ sites  in customs, Alab crossing, Qashbah and Masana canonship, causing direct injuries.


Sameera Hassn