YEMEN Press Agency

Clashes in Shabwah leave two people injured

SHABWAH, Nov. 21 (YPA) – At least two civilians were injured on Thursday after armed clashes broke out in Shabwah province, which has been under of Hadi forces since August, local sources reported.

According to local sources, violent clashes broke out between tribal gunmen in the centre of Azan market following earlier tribal disputes between the Al Bashafai and Al Basarda tribes, leaving two citizens injured.

The injured were taken to a hospital in the city, one of the sources said.

“Hadi’s forces, which are located in the vicinity and inside the city, did not intervene to stop the clashes or to calm down the situation between the tribes, which has been in a state of insecurity since Hadi’s forces took control of the provincial capital of Ataq,” the sources added.

Meanwhile, the UAE’s southern transitional council  warned Thursday of the dangers and consequences of Hadi’s unilateral appointment of a governor and director of security for the city of Aden.

The leader Abdul Rahman al-Wali said the appointment of a governor and security director in Aden could cause a fierce war because of the names nominated for the posts, describing the disagreement of Hadi’s government and the southern transitional Council in appointing people as a farce.