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229 killed, injured in capital Sanaa in October: Report

SANAA, Nov. 15 (YPA) – It is not just the war of Saudi-led aggression coalition, the famine and the resulting diseases that claim the lives of Yemenis.

In last October alone, 20 Yemenis were killed and 209 injured, 153 of them critically wounded, in 203 traffic accidents, according to a report issued by Traffic Department of the capital Sanaa.

The report said that the last October witnessed 57 incidents of running over pedestrians, 116 cars’ collision and motorcycles’ collision with cars, four collisions with fixed objects and eight accidents of fallingl and overturn.

Director of the traffic department in the capital Colonel Mohammed  Al-Mansour attributed the causes of accidents to “non-compliance with traffic rules and guidelines, speeding, wrong overtaking and lack of maintenance of vehicles.”

In addition to the human casualties of these traffic accidents, the report indicated that “the total losses resulting from these accidents amounted to 90.6 million riyals.”