YEMEN Press Agency

Ambush kills field commander of Hadi’s forces in Abyan

ABYAN, Nov. 13 (YPA) – A senior field commander in Hadi’s forces was killed by fire of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council’s militia in Abyan Province, southern Yemen, sources reported on Wednesday.

According to sources, gunmen of the transitional council on Tuesday ambushed Mohammed Hussein al-Labasi, commander of Hadi’s forces in Thi-Naem area of Bayda province, in al-Faridh area, east of Modiya district.

The sources explained that the ambush targeted al-Labasi when his car passed from one of the military points belonging to the southern transitional militia in Modiya, and he was wounded, but he died while being taken to a hospital by citizens.

Hadi’s forces took control of Modiya district in October, but Saudi pressure forced the 21st brigade of Hadi’s forces to leave the district toward Shabwa province.