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Karman exposes Riyadh agreement, describing Saudi agenda as “satanic”

SANAA, Nov. 6 (YPA) – The Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Yemeni human rights activist Tawakkol Karman has attacked Saudi regime and its hostile policy toward Yemen.

In a tweet on her account on Twitter Tuesday evening, Karman said that the Saudi agenda is behind all the problems in Yemen, describing it as “satanic.”

She explained that the problem is in Riyadh itself, and not in the texts of agreements signed and sponsored by Riyadh.

Karman pointed out that Saudi Arabia has a suspicious agenda and undeclared goals it seeks to achieve in Yemen, considering that an old problem continues with Riyadh, vowing to oust that agenda and Saudi custody forever.

She called for rejecting all the annexes stipulated in the Riyadh agreement, which imposes Saudi tutelage on Yemen, affirming that this is the occupation itself.