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UAE-backed militias impose suffocating siege on Hadi governor’s residence in Socotra

SOCOTRA,Oct. 31 (YPA) – The UAE occupation militias on Wednesday imposed a suffocating siege on the headquarters of Hadi’s governor and the central bank on the island of Socotra, cutting off the island’s main roads and streets, local sources reported.

According to local sources, the UAE’s militias set up tents in front of the gate of the “governmental complex” and the central bank branch in Socotra, and prevented entry and exit to these places.

“Hadi’s forces carried out a large deployment in front and around the government compound in anticipation of any armed escalation by the loyalists of the UAE-backed militias,” one of the sources said.

According to media sources, military crews sent by the UAE to its personnel months ago are trying to create chaos.

Hadi’s governor in the Socotra archipelago, Ramzi Mahrous, ordered his forces to lift the tents of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Group sit-in tents from the main streets and end armed demonstrations within 24 hours.

The UAE, through its local militias, is trying to take control of Socotra island after using a women’s demonstration over the past two days.

This comes after a crisis erupted between the former prime minister of Hadi and the representative of the UAE occupation forces,Khalfan al-Mazrouei , in May 2018, after which Saudi forces entered the island of Socotra.