YEMEN Press Agency

UAE transports 120 detainees from its prisons in Aden abroad

ADEN, Oct. 21 (YPA) – UAE transferred 120 southern detainees from its secret prisons in Aden province to Hadramout and Eritrea, Adel al-Hassani, one of the most prominent former detainees in the occupation prisons in southern Yemen said on Monday.
Al-Hassani said in his Twitter page that the UAE refused to hand over its detainees to the exiled “Hadi government”, in conjunction that the UAE begins handing over its control areas to Saudi Arabia.
Al-Hassani noted that the UAE transferred the detainees from the coalition headquarters in Aden to its camps in Al-Rayyan and Mukalla, Hadramout governorate and to the Eritrean island of Assab.

The UAE Red Crescent held a farewell party on Sunday at its headquarters in Aden, with the withdrawal of the UAE forces and handing over areas of control to Saudi Arabia.