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SPC’s Member calls for liberating economy from dependence on abroad

SANAA, Oct. 15 (YPA) – Member of the Supreme Political Council (SPC) Mohammed al-Nuaimi on Tuesday called for the development of economic resources in accordance with the national vision strategy in order to reduce the import bill and the economic dependence on the outside.

At the opening of a symposium on “the reality and future of food security in Yemen” organized by “26 September” newspaper, al-Nuaimi said that the National Vision is the first document that organizes the work according to a scientific and strategic methodology for building the Yemeni state.

Al-Nuaimi explained that Sanaa would deal with the economy with the same determination and will through which the people, the army and the popular committees confronted the aggression and siege.

He stressed the importance of achieving integration between the public and private sectors in order to contribute to reducing imports and the support of local agriculture production to achieve self-sufficiency.