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WHO: 4 million children have been born while 51% of health facilities are still working

SANAA , Oct. 10 (YPA) – The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Tuesday the birth of 4 million children in Yemen since the start of the Saudi aggression on Yemen nearly five years ago.

“Four million children have been born since the start of the war in the country, while only 51 percent of the health facilities are still working,” the UN agency said in a tweet via its official Twitter account.

“There are 19.7 million Yemenis who lack access to health care especially in light of the ongoing blockade of Yemen,” it added.

“Yemen needs us all now more than ever” the tweet concluded.

The health sector in Yemen suffers from a severe deterioration due to the aggression and siege imposed on Yemen, which led to the spread of epidemics and diseases and the closure of a large number of health facilities.