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Unknown gunmen kill merchant, loot his “truck and cargo” in Aden

ADEN, Oct. 9 (YPA) – Unknown gunmen killed a merchant in the southern port city of Aden and looted his locomotive and cargo, hours after gunmen executed the manager of al-Hamra restaurants on a street in Khor Makser district on Tuesday evening, southern media reported

According to the media, gunmen arrived on a car at Aden station and took a merchant on a cargo locomotive and killed him behind the Anma Neighborhood.

“The gunmen looted the locomotive after killing its merchant owner, Mohammed Abdo, and transported it to an unknown destination,” one of the sources said.

“The perpetrators follow a well-known leader in Aden,” they added.

Earlier, local sources in Aden confirmed that “gunmen pulled a civilian handcuffed from a car near the Al-Taibani Hotel in Khor Makser and shot him in public.”

“The victim was calling out a number of passers-by to rescue him,  but the gunmen started shooting at him,  killing him instantly

The incident shocked all those who were in the street,” the sources said.

According to the media, “the victim named Adel Da’da’a al-Shama’ei, owner of Al-Hamra restaurant, which he owns in Khor Maksar district.”

The motives for his murder and the identity of his killers are not yet known.

The same media attributed the crime to the “insecurity in the southern provinces” controlled by the coalition rival militias.

The cities of southern Yemen in general and Aden have been witnessing a further rise in looting and killings since the Saudi-led coalition and the UAE took control over the city at the end of 2015.