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Army spokesman reveals latest military developments, coalition losses

SANAA, Oct. 8 (YPA) – The Yemeni army spokesman Brigadier Yahya Serie on Tuesday revealed the latest military developments and statistics of Saudi-led coalition forces losses on various fronts during August and September.

“The Yemeni army forces and popular committees succeeded in liberating and securing 500 square kilometers were under the enemy control in Najran axis,” Brigadier Seriei said in a press conference held this afternoon in Sanaa.

The spokesman announced that the army forces backed by popular committees succeeded in carrying out 241 different offensives targeting the enemy positions and movements, including 50 invasion and control operations and 68 raids on various fronts during August and September.

The most prominent offensive operations focused on fronts of Jizan, Najran and Asir, he added, noting that the “Nasr min Allah” operation in its first and second stages topped the list of list of the strongest, broadest and largest operations of the army.

As for the drones operations, Brig. Sarie revealed that the drones carried out 56 attacks, 54 of which targeted sites, installations and military bases inside the enemy land and two operations inside Yemeni territory.

He referred that the most notable operations of drones were the attacks on Abqaiq and Khurais oil installations of Aramco.

During the same period, the missile force carried out 23 ballistic missile operations, 20 of which on targets in the depth of Saudi territory and three operations within the framework of Yemeni geography.

The missile force participated in Nasr min Allah operation with 30 ballistic missiles from various systems, Sarie said.

On the coalition forces’ losses during the past August and September in all operations, Sarie said that the death toll of the enemy reached more than 1000 dead, including regular troops or mercenaries, mostly in Nasr min Allah operation, while the number of those who have been captured reached 2000 prisoners.

According to the army spokesman, 500 vehicles of the coalition, including armored, were destroyed and damaged, during the same period, mostly in Nasr min Allah operation.

Brig. Sarie affirmed that heavy losses have been inflicted on the enemy economy as a result of “the second deterrence balance operation”, noting that the losses due to the operation would continue.

He indicated that the aggression coalition forces and mercenaries launched more than 137 attempted attacks during the two months, including 121 attacks off off Jizan, Najran and Asir, and they all were repelled by the army and popular committees.