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7 million Tunisians elect 3rd parliament since 2011

SANAA, Oct. 6 (YPA) – Tunisians will go to the polls on Sunday to vote in the third legislative elections since the 2011 revolution to choose their representatives in the new parliament for the next five years.

The number of registered voters in Tunisia is 7 million 81 thousand and 307 voters, according to the Independent High Electoral Commission, and they will elect 217 new representatives from 1592 candidates in 27 constituencies.

The candidate lists are: 695 party lists, 190 coalition lists, and 707 independent lists. The total number in Tunisia is 1405 compared to 187 abroad.

Voting on the lists is held in one round, and seats are allocated at the district level on the basis of proportional representation.

The legislative elections come three weeks after the first round of the presidential elections that resulted in the rise of independent candidate, Qais Said, and the head of the “Heart of Tunisia” party, Nabil Karoui, who is imprisoned for corruption.

Within a week of the announcement of the final results of the legislative elections, the President of the Republic of Tunisia will entrust the winning party with the largest number of parliamentary seats to form a government in a period not exceeding two months, to be ratified by a majority of 109 votes.