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National Salvation Government Responds to UN 2nd Report

SANAA, Sept.26 (YPA) – The National Salvation Government confirmed on Wednesday that 2nd report of the International Expert Group on Yemen didn’t show neutrality and was designed to serve the countries of aggression, “it just didn’t tell the truth,” said an official of the Salvation Government.

The official noted that the 2nd report of the International Expert Group on Yemen did not address many of the war crimes committed by the countries of aggression and mercenaries since 26 March 2015.

The Salvation Government pointed out that the International Expert Group was unable to visit Yemen this year because of their inability to get permit from the countries leading the aggression, despite receiving all the cooperation from the Salvation Government

The statement of The Government of Salvation stated that “the 2nd report of the International Expert Group on Yemen ignored the assassination of the martyr President Saleh Al-Sammad; it is a flagrant violation of international law since the assassination was declared as part of a hit list with financial rewards.The report did not touch on the Saudi and UAE occupation to parts of the territory and islands of Yemen.

It ignored the aggression’s recruitment of children and the use of internationally prohibited weapons, especially cluster bombs.”

“International Expert Group on Yemen made allegations of Salvation Government violations without evidence, citing sources in the coalition of aggression that haven’t international credibility”, the Salvation Government said in the statement. “We question the professional capacity of the UN Office of the High Commissioner in Yemen.”