YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition forces suffer heavy losses in Hajjah fronts

HAJJAH, Sept. 22 (YPA) – The Yemeni army backed by popular committees on Sunday evening carried out an offensive against Saudi-led coalition forces’ positions south of Hiran area in Hajjah province, northern Yemen, an army official said.

The official confirmed that the attack left many dead and wounded in ranks of the coalition forces.

Earlier in the day, the army’s sniper unit gunned down three soldiers of the coalition in west of Haradh district and east of Muthallath Ahem, and damaged a military vehicle in west of Hiran in Hajjah.

On Saturday, 11 coalition soldiers were shot dead in sniping operations on Haradh and Hiran fronts, while others were killed in a ground attack on the coalition forces’ sites in south of Hiran, east of al-Nar mountain and west of Haradh.