YEMEN Press Agency

Transitional Council must hand over Aden in peace or by war: Military leader

SANAA, Sept. 11 (YPA) – A military leader in ranks of Islah Party on Wednesday revealed that Islah’s factions involved in Hadi’s forces have received Saudi military weapons in Shabwa province and they are ready to enter Aden in peace or by war.

“All military gear in Ataq city of Shabwa province are still new from al-Wadeia crossing to Dothina and Shoqra cities in Abyan province, “Major General Salim al-Awlaqi in Hadi’s forces said in a tweet, noting that Ataq is only a transit station.

Al-Awlaqi added “either they hand over Aden in peace or they will do by war,” referring to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council.