YEMEN Press Agency

Update: Artillery unit pounds Saudi-led mercenaries’ gatherings in Hajjah

HAJJAH, Sept. 5 (YPA) – The Yemeni army on late Thursday shelled gatherings of mercenaries hired by Saudi-led coalition in Hajjah province, northern Yemen, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

According to the official, the artillery forces bombed the mercenaries’ gatherings and their military equipment in the north-east part of Nar mountain, western Mothalath A’ahem area, Haradh and Hiran districts, causing direct casualties.

Earlier in the day, The Yemeni army fired a barrage of Katyusha rockets on gatherings of Saudi troops and mercenaries hired by Saudi-led mercenrires at Mothalath A’ahem area , causing deaths and injuries in their ranks.

Moreover, the army forces damaged a Saudi military vehicle in sniping attack, which took place in Haradh front.