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What does Trump’s administration want from talks with Ansaruallah?

SANAA, Aug. 28 (YPA) – It seems that all those who have contributed to the destruction of Yemen reached a conclusion that it is inevitable to negotiate and dialogue with “Ansarullah”, a group that has rehabilitated Yemen and carried the banner of its dignity and forced everyone not to override it.

“Ansaruallah” defends the right, honor and land, so its project is national in full and its patience in defending the Yemenis is “rightful” and can not be doubted, and that is what the Arab and Western alliance understood together.

Therefore, the US administration is preparing now to start talks with the “Ansaruallah,” according to revelations by the US newspaper “The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

The talks will focus on “ending the war,” according to the newspaper, citing people who said they were familiar with the plans. They noted that the United States is looking to urge Saudi Arabia to engage in secret talks in Oman with leaders of Ansaruallah in an attempt to broker a ceasefire.

Christopher Hansel, a diplomat who became the first ambassador to the Trump administration to Yemen in last April, will lead the US talks, according to the newspaper.

Assuming that the US administration’s intentions are sincere regarding ending the Yemeni war, it must first dialogue with those who waged this unjust war on the Yemeni people, stop bleeding there, and not to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the two countries that destroyed Yemen and starved its people for four years.

Just to say that the US administration wants to start talks with Ansaruallah is only an implicit American assertion of Ansaruallah’s victory in the Yemen war. Especially since the “Ansaruallah” group was able with simple military equipment to threaten Saudi Arabia and the UAE and reach the most sensitive areas in these two countries.

Today, the UAE is more concerned than Saudi Arabia, especially after the drones of Ansaruallah reached to Shaybah oil field on the border with the UAE and Qatar. The planes traveled 1,100 kilometers without being intercepted by Saudi and US defenses in the region, which deepens the concerns of America and its allies about this threat to the energy facilities in the Gulf, as explained by the Wall Street Journal.

The UAE, which is trying to ease the burdens of its alliance with Mohammed bin Salman in the battles against the Yemeni army and popular committees in Hodeidah and the north, seeks to provide an impression of its withdrawal from aggression by “re-positioning” to content itself with the occupation of Aden and the southern provinces through the “Southern Transitional Council” and to ease tensions with Iran. Also it appeared at the Coast Guard meeting in Tehran as a way of bowing to storms without changing the commitment to US betting on the war against Iran.

US entry on the crisis line is an attempt by Trump to save Saudi Arabia, especially after Al Zayed climbed on the shoulders of Al Saud and managed to get themselves out of the quagmire of Yemen.

Thus, the UAE closed the door on Saudi Arabia and left it alone stuck in Yemen, after pulling most of its forces from Yemen and entrusting the task to Yemeni soldiers it had trained by itself to manage the places it was controlling.

Saudi Arabia realized the danger of the UAE’s withdrawal from Yemen, because the vacuum left by the UAE’s departure will break the back of Al Saud in Yemen.

It is clear that Saudis have given new advantages and new funds to the US administration to get them out of the quagmire of Yemen, because America will not take this step without taking the price of its intervention, and the latest Saudi-UAE joint statement is only a first step in this direction.



Translated by Basheer A. Mansoor