YEMEN Press Agency

Hajjah residents condemn Saudi-led crime in Mustaba district

HAJJAH, Aug. 17 (YPA) – Residents of Mustaba district in Hajjah province have on Friday carried out an armed stand near the scene of the crime committed by Saudi-led aggression a few days ago in their district, which killed 9 people, including 5 children and two women, and injured 18 from one family.

They rejected and condemned the heinous crime committed by the US-backed Saudi-led aggression in the district and all its crimes in all regions of the country.

“Even in Holy days of Eid al-Adha the innocent souls were not spared from the barbarity of aggression, in a picture that reflects the shameful confusion that the leaders of the aggression are experiencing and their cheap manners” the statement of the protest said.

They declared that these crimes only increase the people’s cohesion and strength to face the invaders until they are defeated, and the blood of the innocent will continue to haunt the murderers until their thrones are washed away.

Participants renewed their strong support for the heroic operations carried out by the missile and air forces deep inside the enemy’s territories, and continued their general mobilization tp support to the fronts with money and men until victory is achieved.