YEMEN Press Agency

President al-Mashat stresses enhancing efforts to confront economic war

SANAA, Aug. 13 (YPA) – President Mahdi al-Mashat on Tuesday stressed on the importance to enhance efforts and move to confront the economic war imposed by the Saudi-led aggression coalition on Yemen.

The move came during his meeting with Prime Minster Abdulaziz bin Habtoor and Minister of Finance Rashid Abu-Lahom.

Al-Mashat said the aggression used the economic paper as a weapon to target Yemen and pushed millions of the Yemeni people to brink of famine.

The officials discussed the National Salvation government’s performance and efforts exerted to face the land, air sea blockade imposed targeting the necessary sustenance for the Yemeni people.

Al-Mashat touched upon that printing more than one trillion of the new national currency is a disaster to destroy the Yemeni economy and a crime against people.