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UAE mercenary leader claims responsibility for deportation of northern Yemenis from Aden

ADEN, Aug. 5 (YPA) – The vice president of the so-called Southern Transitional Council, Sheikh Hani Ben Brik has claimed responsibility for the campaign of arrests, attacks and deportations of northern Yemeni citizens and workers, looting their property and closing their shops for the fourth consecutive day in Aden province.

Ben Brik justified the displacement and attacks of the occupation militias and their mercenaries in the security belt against the people of the northern provinces in Aden, that northern citizens in Aden celebrated the death of mercenary Munir al-Yafei (Abu Al-Yamamah) and the distribution of drinks in restaurants.

Ben Brik warned northern citizens not to travel to Aden, vowing that their fate would be arrested in retaliation for the incident in al- Hala camp in which Abu Al-Yamamah and dozens of occupation militias and mercenaries were killed and wounded.

Ben Brik also claimed that those who attacked and deported the people of the northern provinces were ” southern people”, in order to deport the unknown who had no proof.

Activists deemed the statement to be poor, and was not a justification for such illegal measures.