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Militias affiliated with one of Islah party leader attack human right activist in Taiz

TAIZ, July 30 (YPA) – A human rights activist in Taiz revealed that he had been attacked by followers of Islah Party militias (Muslim brotherhood).

Abdul Halim al-Maja’ashi, chairman of the organizing committee for the rights and war, said he was subjected to an attempt attack and atonement at the Ammar bin Yasser Mosque by a group gunman affiliated with exiled Hadi’s parliamentary deputy Abdullah al-Audini.

He explained that this was due to his objection to the collection of signatures inside the mosque by al-Audini followers demanding that any cultural activities in the city be banned under the claims of “evil and immorality”.

Al-Maja’ashi expressed his opposition to the use of the mosque for extremist partisan purposes, prompting Al-Audini’s followers to call him an infidel and try to attack him.

He noted that the intervention of a number of worshippers in the mosque prevented this, and they succeeded in removing him from the mosque safely.

Al-Majashi said that the so-called Al-Audini collects signatures from citizens in mosques and roads to demand that the governor prevent the screening of the film ten days before the wedding, and turn the ownership of Taiz Park, the only outlet for the sons of Taiz, into a club for the wounded.

Al-Audini has launched a campaign to collect signatures from the sons of Taiz, including a number of demands that activists and human rights activists have described as extremist demands to suppress freedoms under the guise of fighting evil.