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Another Islah party leader assassinated in Saiyun City

HADHRAMAUT, July 29 (YPA) – Unknown gunmen assassinated Jamil Batis, the brother of Salah Battis, a leader of Islah Party in the city of Saiyun, two days after the assassination of tow leaders of Muslim Brotherhood in Aden and Dhalea provinces.

“On Sunday evening, gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on Jamil Musallam Battis while he was driving his car near the Falhome fuel station in Saiyun city , killing him instantly, ” local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

According to the sources, the attack took place “near the government district complex, where military pickups belonging to the first military zone are present,” referring to the inaction of the area’s forces.

Jamil Battis survived two assassination attempts, during which one of his relatives was killed, Al-Sahwah Net reported, accusing the Southern Transitional Council militias of carrying this operation.

“The criminal tool targeting citizens, particularly the members and leaders of the Islah Party in the southern provinces, has recently returned,” it added. In a direct indictment of the forces of the Southern Transitional Council backed by the United Arab Emirates occupation.

The assassination comes two days after the leader Khaled Geyman was assassinated in Al-Dhalea following threats he received from NTC Deputy Chairman Ben Brik to “continue the war against ISIS militants and members of the Reform Party in the south”.

Khaled Geyman, who was working as deputy director of the Solidarity Hospital in Dhalea. Unknown gunmen on Friday assassinated Mufid al-Wahishi, a member of al-Islah, as he left the Moaz mosque in al-Silya neighborhood of Sheikh Osman district of Aden city.