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UAE occupation drowns Aden girls with hashish, drugs

ADEN, July 16 (YPA) – Local sources revealed on Monday that drugs and hashish has been spreading widely among girls and women in the southern port city of Aden over the past two years.

One of the sources confirmed that one of their own relatives has resorted to using hashish, and it appeared clear through a change in the features of her face and the eyes.

According to The Crater Sky news outlet, the source’s cousin got addicted to hashish through a friend.

The source pointed out that his cousin’s friend bought hashish from a gang that has branches in various areas of the city of Aden, which is under control of militias loyal to the UAE occupation, specifically from Al-Taqniah neighborhood.

The citizen appealed to parents of girls to protect their daughters and keep them safe, pointing out that the dangerous scheme aims to destroy young men and girls in the city of Aden.

Drugs such as hashish have spread alarmingly among young men and girls, as one of the objectives of the UAE-Saudi occupation is aimed at breaking down values and morals among the community.

This has led to the spread of several crimes such as kidnappings and rapes in the city since the second half of 2015.